[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

Fred Graute fjgraute at casema.nl
Tue Mar 25 15:27:35 GMT 2014

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          David R Lane <D_Lane at Lakeview.demon.co.uk> wrote:


> Thanks for the above explanation on creating a Choices file that I
> have now done. I had clicked on the 'tick' icon before, in fact all
> the toolbar icons in turn, but with Select and got the Global choices.
> I had seen global choices before and relised they were not relevant to
> the problem. But why a 'tick' icon? Oh, is it because one ticks
> choices on a form? OK, I get it, but perhaps many folk won't.

I think it's because the 'tick' is used in on/off options and the
toolbar icon gives access to StrongED's options. Guttorm Vik picked the
icon so I don't know the exact reason for using it.

> Fred, thanks for being patient enough to give me a proper explanation,
> but please realise that I am only a rare user of StrongED.

Yes, I'd cottoned on to that hence the more explicit instructions. :-)

> For better or worse, I use Zap when I need to use an editor, this is
> not really by choice, it's just that Zap pops up whenever I call for
> an editor.

That suggests that Zap is seen by the Filer at some point. If you don't
want to use Zap, prevent the Filer from seeing it. Then make sure the
editor you do want to use is seen.

> Consequently, I am unfamiliar with all the finer details of StrongED,
> in particular, I rarely use the toolbar.

Understood. If you wish to explore the toolbar run !Help and hover over
the various icons. Also, a number of modes have their own StrongHelp
manual. Select-click on the 'info' icon on the toolbar (leftmost icon).

> I have now had a look through some sections of the StrongHelp manual
> for StrongED. By the way, the search facility didn't work, giving an
> 'abort on data transfer' error.

Which version of StrongHelp?

If it's not 2.87 then please upgrade and try searching again (I fixed a
search related bug in 2.87). Should the problem persist then a bug
report would be appreciated.

> This search does work on my other StrongHelp manuals. The manual is
> helpful, but I was hoping for a description of the difference between
> the Mode directories in Defaults.Modes and those in UserPrefs.Modes,
> but I have now found this in the !Help file inside !StrED_cfg.

The Modes directories in Defaults contain the original files for each
(official) mode. When you change a mode's settings using Mode Choices
and click 'save' the altered Choices/Colours are stored in UserPrefs.

If you alter the ModeFile or ModeWhen files you'll be asked if they
should be saved to UserPrefs. Which is what you should unless there's a
compelling reason not to. Newly created modes should be put in UserPrefs

In short any mode related files you alter should be saved to UserPrefs.
When StrongED looks for a file, it looks in UserPrefs first and then in
Defaults. So any files you've altered will override the one in Defaults.
This ensures your alterations are safe when you upgrade StrongED.

Fred Graute

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