[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

David R Lane D_Lane at Lakeview.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 13:01:50 GMT 2014

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>> I don't see any "Mode Choices" option that you mention. As I
>> understood it, Fred said to open any file or create a 'newfile' in
>> StrongEd DrawScript mode (or Draw mode as you have it) and save the
>> file with filetype &b9b.

> It seems I need to be even more explicit - so here goes:

> Start StrongED in the usual way. Next click Adjust on the iconbar icon
> to open the modes menu. In the menu click on 'Draw' or 'DrawScript' to
> create a new text in that mode.

> In the new text click with Adjust on the 'tick' icon on the toolbar to
> open the Mode Choices. Click 'Misc' in the left column, then set the
> default filetype to '&b9b'. After that click on 'Save'.

> All being well there should now be a new Choices file, filetyped 'Text'
> in !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes.Draw (along with a new ColoursXXX file).

>> I have not seen the version 4.70a. The website shows V4.69f6 as the
>> latest. Where do you get it from?

> StrongED 4.70a4 is the latest development release. Development releases
> are never available from the website, they're announced on the StrongED
> mailing list only (as they are intended to be tested and to generate
> feedback).

Thanks for the above explanation on creating a Choices file that I 
have now done. I had clicked on the 'tick' icon before, in fact all 
the toolbar icons in turn, but with Select and got the Global choices. 
I had seen global choices before and relised they were not relevant to 
the problem. But why a 'tick' icon? Oh, is it because one ticks 
choices on a form? OK, I get it, but perhaps many folk won't.

Fred, thanks for being patient enough to give me a proper explanation, 
but please realise that I am only a rare user of StrongED. For better 
or worse, I use Zap when I need to use an editor, this is not really 
by choice, it's just that Zap pops up whenever I call for an editor. 
Consequently, I am unfamiliar with all the finer details of StrongED, 
in particular, I rarely use the toolbar.
I have now had a look through some sections of the StrongHelp manual 
for StrongED. By the way, the search facility didn't work, giving an 
'abort on data transfer' error. This search does work on my other 
StrongHelp manuals. The manual is helpful, but I was hoping for a 
description of the difference between the Mode directories in 
Defaults.Modes and those in UserPrefs.Modes, but I have now found this 
in the !Help file inside !StrED_cfg.

Of course, the filetypes problem remains. Since this includes a 
filetype allocation issue for DrawScript, I have brought it to the 
attention of the readers of the ROOL forum.

David Lane
Proud to be with RISC OS

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