[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 22:59:34 GMT 2014

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>> The problem is that when filetype truncation occurs in the StrongED
>> save dialogue then the file is saved with a filetype of &000. To get
>> around that the filetype name does need to be restricted to eight
>> characters. I have to say that does seem like a bug to me, the
>> truncation should not affect the save.

> Thanks for the clear description. What happens is this:

> When the savebox is opened StrongED puts in the filetype name by passing
> the hex filetype through OS_FSControl 18 (filetype number to name). This
> return an 8 characters, truncated, filetype name.

> When 'Save' is clicked the filetype name is passed to OS_FSControl 31
> (filetype name to number) which faults the truncated name. Presumably it
> checks the name given against File$Type sysvars, only accepting a full
> match. This results in filetype number = 0.

> An inconsistency in RISC OS I'd say.

Thanks for the explanation.

>> DrawScript does also need a little fixing.

> Yes, the filetype name should be shortened, and registered - I'd be very
> surprised if the name as it stands had been accepted.

I will amend my copies of !DrawScrpt.

David Pitt

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