[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

Fred Graute fjgraute at casema.nl
Mon Mar 24 22:31:20 GMT 2014

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          David R Lane <D_Lane at Lakeview.demon.co.uk> wrote:


> I don't see any "Mode Choices" option that you mention. As I
> understood it, Fred said to open any file or create a 'newfile' in
> StrongEd DrawScript mode (or Draw mode as you have it) and save the
> file with filetype &b9b.

It seems I need to be even more explicit - so here goes:

Start StrongED in the usual way. Next click Adjust on the iconbar icon
to open the modes menu. In the menu click on 'Draw' or 'DrawScript' to
create a new text in that mode.

In the new text click with Adjust on the 'tick' icon on the toolbar to
open the Mode Choices. Click 'Misc' in the left column, then set the
default filetype to '&b9b'. After that click on 'Save'.

All being well there should now be a new Choices file, filetyped 'Text'
in !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes.Draw (along with a new ColoursXXX file).

> I have not seen the version 4.70a. The website shows V4.69f6 as the
> latest. Where do you get it from?

StrongED 4.70a4 is the latest development release. Development releases
are never available from the website, they're announced on the StrongED
mailing list only (as they are intended to be tested and to generate

Fred Graute

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