[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

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>> Apologies David, perhaps David and I were too brief in our explanations
>> due to being very familiar with StrongED.

>> Choices are, normally, being saved to !StrED_cfg - the application that
>> holds StrongED's choices. It's usually located in either Boot:Choices or
>> in the same directory as StrongED.

>> An easy to check to see where StrongED saves its choices is to click
>> Shift-Select on its iconbar icon. This will open !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs
>> when StrED_cfg is in use, else it will open !StrongED.Defaults.

>> In the directory opened by the above, go to the DrawScript directory and
>> delete the Choices file. Then follow the steps I provided earlier.

> This doesn't produce a Choices file for me in either
> !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes or in !StrongED.Defaults.Modes . I deleted
> the existing Choices file in each, respectively, while StrongED was
> not running. I have tried the same method with an HTML file with
> StrongED in HTML mode and no Choices file is saved anywhere.

I am at a loss to say why that did not work.

Choices and ColoursStd files are generated here, with StrongED 4.70a4. 

I installed the original !Draw mode in Defaults, renamed the mode to 
Draw then CTRL started StrongED. On saving Mode Choices the old Data 
Choices was overwritten with a new Text type Choices and a ColoursStd 
file was created. If StrongED was started normally, without CTRL, 
Choices and ColoursStd files were created in UserPrefs.

What version of StrongED is in use?

David Pitt

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