[AppBasic] DrawScript Filetype Problem

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 14:39:07 GMT 2014

David R Lane, on 24 Mar, wrote:

> I think I have found the cause of the filetype problem. In the save box,
> the type field has the type as DrawScri, not DrawScript. "Drawscri" is not
> a recognised filetype (try saving a text file in basemode as a DrawScri
> type file). On adding pt to the end of Drawscri in the type field, the
> file is saved as a DrawScript file, but still typed as DrawScri. There
> seems to be an inconsistency somewhere. Users will not want to have to
> edit this field either to DrawScript or to &b9b every time, so what is the
> solution?
> I notice that every filetype name that I have looked at consists of no
> more than 8 characters, sometimes abbreviating the fullname that we know
> the application by down to 8 or less characters, e.g., EasiDoc, and
> "DrawScri" is just 8 characters. I have looked at some of the files in
> StrongED to find any mention of "DrawScri", but not found any. So I don't
> know where it is being set. A few other applications I have looked at
> don't have a filetype field in the save box, but filetype options in a
> menu before getting to a savebox which has just the filename option.
> Perhaps editors are different (but not Edit).

I am seeing the truncation here in StrongED's save dialogue but only with
4.69f6 and 4.70a4, 4.67 and 4.68 show the filetype in full. 
> I am no expert, but my guess is that some changes from DrawScript to
> DrawScri need to be made in files in Defaults.Modes.DrawScript, or changes
> from Drawscri to DrawScript in the !DrawScript application. This is where
> one of those applications/utilities that search for files containing a
> certain word would be useful?

As far as I can see this is simply a StrongED bug.

Well spotted.
David Pitt

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